Hey, WxSouth Fans and Subscribers!
Thanks for following this blog, and for trusting me with your weather outlooks. Whether you found me on the weather forums, Facebook or Twitter,  I appreciate your patronage and your support of my part of the Internet. A little about myself: I am a Degreed Meteorologist from the University of  North Carolina-At Asheville. I have enjoyed blogging and forecasting on different forums, nit-picking details of various weather events, year-round,  for many years now. At the coaching of some friends and colleagues, I decided to turn my passion for all-things weather into a living a few years
ago. I primarily cover the Southeast region of the United States from southeast Texas and eastern Oklahoma, eastward to Florida, the Carolinas,  Tennessee Valley, Appalachians into the MidAtlantic region.

I’m not a “models site”, but I do explain and cover many weather models in my discussions and videos. So if you’re at the beaches, the mountains,  the piedmont or the valley, I cover a lot of ground, geographically speaking, and use a unique forecasting approach, that may be a little different from the Government, TV, and hundreds of other Facebook weather pages you see. Hopefully, I verify most of the time, but you win some, lose some. I offer 2 payment tiers. The main one fits most school teachers, weather fans and those whose job may be impacted by weather. The commercial level is for Farmers and Commercial Operations that rely on Seasonal Forecasts.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before you decide to join.

I really appreciate your support and hope your membership pays off.