Hey Future WxSouth.Com Subscribers!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m a privately employed degreed Meteorologist from North Carolina and have been forecasting weather in the Southeast for 30 Years. I started the blog over 10 years ago and have a unique approach to Weather Forecasting. I’m a year round forecaster that focuses on Synoptic Patterns across the Continent and try to pinpoint from a distance how weather will impact the Southeast region, from Hurricanes and flooding patterns, to droughts, to unusual Winter Storm setups. I’m not corporate or university funded, instead I solely rely on the monthly memberships from my subscribers.This year, for the Winter of 2022-23, I’m offering a temporary membership for those subscribers who just want my weather insights for Winter only. I’m not a “Models” site, meaning I don’t run weather models. I just make use of many weather models and discuss their biases and where I think they may be wrong, and then create a forecast using my experience from over the years. I get some right, but get some wrong too. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you have placed enough confidence in me to subscribe to the WxSouth Blog and trust my weather outlooks and forecasts.. Thank you for supporting my very Small Business. I value and appreciate each of my clients!



P.S. This special blog membership ends March 20, 2023 (the first day of Spring) and costs a one time fee of $79.00. Current existing WxSouth subscribers won’t be affected and are locked in for life at the old rate.