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Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I don’t run a weather models site, nor can I answer specific questions about your backyard’s specific weather. I do however, cover the Southeast states in general weather discussions from the short range into the 10 day range and sometimes beyond. If you’ve followed along at Facebook and like how I do the weather there, you may get some use from this blog. I have geared it toward business owners and farmers who need to know (and have come to trust) my weather forecasts. I get a lot of requests via email, and on social media, asking about specific timing of events, which route they should take for traveling, how about this model, versus this model, and the famous “how much snow for my backyard?”. Unfortunately I can’t answer those. You may find your answer though in my discussions here on this blog in one or more of the categories that update frequently. I take a lot of time in putting in the updates, graphics and animations, and utilize all the data I can get, and draw from my recognition of Synoptic weather patterns over the years, to create a weather outlook. My site is not a weather App. It’s more of a head’s up, as to what kind of pattern may be coming down the pike. If you’d like to subscribe, I’d like to ask you commit to at least 3 months. Please don’t join for just a month or two, to see snow my custom snow maps and then cancel immediately.  It takes time for me to set up the account. You may stay indefinitely if you’d like, as I am a year round weather forecaster, boring droughts and all 🙂  I value each of my monthly subscribers and know most of them by name by now (or at least email, ha!) I have a great mix of weather enthusiasts and individuals here, from all over the Southeast,  who rely on my outlooks, from Farmers, to Roofers, Gardeners, SnowPlowers, Landscapers, frequent Travelers and more. If you’d like to subscribe for atleast 3 months, please tell me how weather affects you or your business, so I can see if we’re a good fit for your needs. Please include your city, state and email. The fee is $10.00 monthly (cheap!) and I use PayPal.  Once I approve your account, I will send the secret code word and link to join up.  You may contact me on FB at the WxSouth page, with the requested info, or you may email me at weatherman@wxsouth.com. I Look forward to tracking and forecasting the weather with you soon!