Short Term Memberships Offered this Winter!

Membership Special For the Winter! From December through March 20, 2023, I have introduced a “Winter Special” pricing option. If you follow along at Facebook, and want to read my forecasts and map discussions for only the Winter, this is the option for you. I am opening up the special one time temporary membership as of December 2022 and it ends the first day of Spring (March 20th, 2023). My weather blog is NOT a weather models site. I am a seasoned Meteorologist (translation- OLD) in the Southeast who discusses weather models and give my slant on the upcoming weather patterns.  I’m a meticulous nit-pick with the details and approach my weather discussions and maps differently from the herd. Send me your email, city, state and a rough idea of why you’d like to join this blog (there’s plenty of snow-hounds, travelers, and Winter Weather Junkies on board). I just ask you don’t operate a Social Media Weather page or website. The Winter Blog is just $79.00 (Cheap!) and is a One Time Payment, no matter if you join now or January, February or March. This is a Temporary One-Time membership, and your membership will end March 20th, 2023– the first day of Spring. Members get access to the Private Facebook Weather page as well through March 20th. I use PayPal and you may use a credit card or your PayPal balance.  Once I approve your request, I will send the secret code word and link to join up.  You may contact me on FB at the WxSouth page, with the requested info, or you may email me at I Look forward to tracking and forecasting the upcoming Winter with you soon! (PS–Current regular monthly members are locked in for life at the old rate, and won’t be affected).