Need a Private Meteorologist?

If the weather has a big impact on your business, or personal activity,  why not hire your own personal weather forecaster?  Surprise big weather events can cost your company in several ways. With budget cuts and time constraints hitting the National Weather Service, and considering local TV and social media forecasters tend to strive for popularity, ratings and market share (and happy station bosses), now may be the time to hire your own “personal weatherman”.  I offer over 25 years of down-to-earth weather forecasting. My small enterprise allows me greater flexibility and focus time on each client. The goal with this service is to save your bottom line.  Whether or not you need more specific information for your Farming, Agricultural Business or if you’re retired and are a traveler, I can tailor a specific, affordable plan just for you.

You may contact me at

  • One, Two Or Three Updates Per Week
  • Phone/Text/Email Support
  • Focused On Client’s Economic Benefit
  • Savings Can Far Exceed Service Cost In Agri-Business
  • Maximum Savings, Minimum Risk Hedging Via Long Range Outlooks
  • Small Enough To Offer Rapid Response Time
  • 3 Month, 6 Month or 12 Month Service Contracts Available
  • Personalized Service, Detailed and in Laymen’s Terms