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WxSouth specializes in providing data services for private and business interests. Our specialty includes weather forecasts streamlined for accuracy and detail that is tailored to your business or personal events. You can get generic, free and inadequate information from TV, Government, or other sources. But only WxSouth Pro or WxSouth Commercial delivers Accurate data, with attention to Detail for every Geographic Zone in the Southeast. We know Southeast Weather and Climate, and we don’t blindly follow computer output

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Companies That Use WxSouth

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  1. Addie Smith
    Oct 23 2012

    We’re heading for the mtns of Sevierville, Tn., Fri – Tues. Looks like we may be in for bad weather. Any knowledgeable thoughts appreciated.

  2. jack locke
    Jan 17 2013

    why no updates?

  3. Rodney Hutchens
    Feb 26 2013

    Robert, That was a great call on the Ice storm today! You nailed it from several days out, when no one else was even entertaining thought of Ice? You was playing it up on every update. Of course the NWS and Local TV mets jump on board (18-24 hrs out)! lol. It’s good to know we can make our plans around the weather more than 18hrs in advance!!! Love the site and frequent updates, What a bargain for the wealth of knowledge & information you share… Wish you the best, and keep up the good work.

    Rodney Hutchens

  4. Richard Mann
    May 3 2013

    Hi .. “Steve”.

  5. James Saylors
    May 5 2013

    Great call Robert! 6.10 and still coming down here in Candler,NC.

  6. kay woolridge
    Oct 6 2013

    Ok on the website , logged in as a subscriber and I can’t access the current weather. What gives? …..

    • Oct 12 2013

      Kay, are you a monthly subscriber? it looks like you’re not, so if that’s the case you’ll have access to the Public Menu and not all the other menus.

      • kay woolridge
        Oct 12 2013

        I just signed up October 2 , and still have not been able to access site I can sign in but unable to do anything else. I also sent you 2 emails asking for help.

  7. Caleb Kim
    Feb 12 2014

    doesnt look like your site is working. nothing i click on takes me any where but back to main page. just FYI!

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